Features to look for in Free Appointment Scheduling software

Looking for appointment scheduling software can be a challenge if you don't know what to look for - thankfully, we've gone out and figured out the key features to look for!

  1. Creating a schedule: You want to actually be able to create a schedule/calendar!
  2. Creating events on the schedule or Calendar: You'd want to be able to create, view, update or delete events on your schedule or Calendar
  3. Anyone can create events: You'd want anyone (with the sharable link) to be able to create events on your schedule or Calendar - common uses of this feature are any sort of client-facing work, such as consulting, hairdressing or personal training at the gym
  4. Alerts: You want to know when your clients have booked you - look for software that has built in email alerts. Preferably for both you and your clients!
  5. Exportable Calendar Events: You would want to be able to see your bookable meetings next to your other meetings! Typically the appointment scheduling software would allow an export to Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook or macOS' Calendar

Thankfully, Appointment Scheduler has all of these features, and more to come!

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