Using Appointment Scheduling Software in a Salon setting

One of the more common questions we get asked is: How do I use Appointment Scheduling Software in my Salon?

First of all, like any software that you purchase to fix a problem, you need to ensure that your business is ready to change its processes to fully gain from the time savings that software can give you. This means:

  • Changing your business processes to work with the software: i.e. Moving your appointment book from being a physical book on your receptionists desk to being completely online
  • Helping change your existing customer's behaviour too: i.e. letting them know that they can book a lot faster online, and see a greater selection of available times than if they ring up
  • Training your staff in using the software (Not particularly difficult if it's well designed, but still - some people hate change!)

Once you're convinced that your business is sufficiently prepared for the software - purchase it! Though remember that Software as a Service offerings such as Appointment Scheduler have different tiers, so you can always purchase the cheaper plan and as you grow, the pricing plans will grow with you!

Next step: Using it! Pass your AppointmentScheduler link around to your clients, add it to your website! Your day-to-day appointment managing will be roughly the same - though in order to move an appointment, the user will need to cancel their appointment, and make a new one.

So where does the profit come from? Instead of having a single person being the gatekeeper of your appointment book - you now can have your customers book directly online, and see the entire month of availability. You'll see more appointments than before - and hopefully also more stability and peace of mind knowing you have customers that can book weeks in advance.