Need a Virtual Executive Assistant?

Virtual Executive Assistants have traditionally been outsourced workers in places like India and Pakistan, though more recently have been replaced by chatbots and artificial intelligence. However they are not always the best solution - the user experience of just checking someone's availability with a Virtual Executive Assistant is cumbersome at best. offers you a place to publicly show people when you're available to chat, without having access to your Outlook calendar, and without having your clients feel awkward that your Virtual Executive Assistant might tell you how many people ask if you're available!

Do you get so many requests for 'chats' and 'coffees' that it frustrates you to no end? Are you extremely busy, so figuring out a time for all these meetings is a total nightmare?

Legitimately only have 5 minutes free at the end of a Wednesday afternoon, but don't want to have to tell everyone that? Stick a QR code pointing to your schedule on on your office door, or nearest semi-permanent object, and we'll let them know!