Running a room booking service

We've all seen the success of WeWork and other co-working spaces - so why not run your own co-working space by renting out a room or venue?

Say you've got a room, or a venue that you want to let people use. Traditional systems exist to help you manage the booking, such as Outlook. In some big companies, these venues will have dedicated email addresses, and just inviting the room to your meeting will book a time slot for it.

If you're dealing with clients that are outside of your company however, Outlook won't always let you do this without help from your friends in IT support. That's where Appointment Scheduler can help you out. Simply create a schedule for that room, enter in the dates of availability, and times, and you'll be able to have external clients booking their own venue in no time at all!

Common pricing models of such a service could include:

  • a monthly 'membership fee': in which the client pays a subscription for unlimited access to rooms or desks
  • a per-use fee: in which the client pays only for the time and room/desk size

Either way, Appointment Scheduler can help you manage communication between hundreds of potential clients and your business.

You can specify a minimum and maximum meeting time, as well as blocking out dates. Clients will be able to see the available slots for booking, and book their own slots for meetings in the venue.

In the future, you'll have a public Google Calendar for the venue and be able to see how busy a venue is on given dates.