Running a wedding photography business

We probably spruik Social Media as a means of driving customers and clients to your new business a bit too much - but there's a good reason for that - it works!

This post will go over running a wedding photography business and could help you expand your business beyond a single photographer, with the awesome power of appointment scheduling software.

How does it work?

Essentially, using we advocate using a couple of professional features in

  • Multiple Schedules
  • Year-long Calendars

Year-long Calendars

This feature allows you to maintain bookings for the coming twelve months - super useful for taking wedding bookings.

Multiple Schedules:

This feature allows you to maintain several schedules - for when your business is so busy with bookings that you need to hire more photographers to handle your demand.

How we would run the business

As professional photographers ourselves, here's how we would run a wedding photography business using

Run an Instagram account, highlighting only your wedding photography portfolio. As an example, one of our founders, ROZENMD, highlights his stock photography portfolio here:

Use Facebook to assist in generating the word-of-mouth publicity that you're after. Post your best photographs for each booking you make (if the client allows), and tag people.

Pass around your link to your clients, and let your clients pass it out to their friends too.

You'll receive email and SMS alerts when clients sign up, and the clients themselves will receive SMS alerts to remind them to be at the venue!