How to be a nomadic tattoo artist

You might recognise a pattern here - I'm posting a lot of how-to's! I promise this won't last too long, I'm just having a brainwave on how different professions could join web developers and cryptocurrency millionaires on the beach in Thailand.

So. How does a Tattoo Artist go nomadic?

Assuming you're able to BYO equipment with you on holiday, it should be a breeze.

Using a combination of social media marketing, and appointment scheduling software, you'll be able to be your own boss and only take appointments when you want to.

  • Step 1: Preferably before you leave your home country - build a reputation on Instagram, showing off your Tattoo artwork, and real tattoos you've tattooed on real human beings.

  • Step 2: Occasionally, you'll receive DMs and private messages asking you to tattoo your followers. Here's where the Appointment Scheduling software kicks in. You send them your private link on, giving them the ability to book in an appointment on your schedule. This will then email you an alert, letting you know of the time the client has chosen.

  • Step 3: If the client is not in your country - fly to theirs, update your schedule in and ask your client to spread your link around - you'll fill your schedule in no time.