How to be a not-so-digital nomad

We wrote in our last blog about how we would approach being a nomad in a foreign country, namely - marketing to tourists from your own country and offering them your services with appointment scheduling software.

In this post, we'll give you a concrete example of how French barbers use appointment scheduling, and a bit of social media marketing to be not-so-digital nomads running their own business by the beach in Australia.

A friend of ours from France started his barber business in Sydney using the following steps:

  • Use Facebook to build a customer base. There is no shortage of "French people in Australia" groups on facebook, and often there are tourists asking for advice on where to get a haircut.

    • By joining the group and being friendly/helpful on topics that don't necessarily help his business, our friend doesn't get labelled as a marketer - and thus his advice is valued by the community
    • Occasionally, when people ask where they can get haircuts in Sydney, people will either recommend his services, or he will offer his services in the facebook post
  • Use Appointment Scheduling software to manage his time. Because our friend also has a life, and doesn't want to be cutting hair 24/7 - he sets up his free time slots on an Appointment Scheduler, letting potential customers know when they can book him.

    • His setup involves setting his free time for a given location in Appointment Scheduler, and then sending out a link to allow clients to book time slots
    • The best part of this is that each link allows for any location to be set - so his first part of the week he can be trimming beards by the ocean in Sydney, and the second part of his week he can be cutting hair in Melbourne