Why do you need Appointment Scheduling software?

Appointment scheduling software allows you to save time and money on both receptionist wage cost, as well as the cost of losing an appointment due to forgetful clients.

Appointment Scheduling software lets you:

  • Schedule your own appointments (that is, enter your own data on behalf of your clients)
  • Remind your clients of your appointment in advance of the meeting
  • Work from anywhere in the world. Taking in-office meetings in San Francisco on Monday, while having business development meetings in New York that Friday? Not a problem with good appointment scheduling software
  • Optionally (in the case of running a service-based business), review your employee's performance in the appointment

Appointment Scheduling software lets your clients:

  • Schedule their own appointments in a pre-approved time slot that you decide, saving both parties money
  • See their scheduled appointments via a Calendar invite, Text message alerts, and Email notifications
  • Review their appointment, allowing other clients to discover your high quality business

Who would benefit from Appointment Scheduling software?

  • Anyone that schedules meetings such as: Consultants, Hairdressers, Barbers, Receptionists, Accountants, Builders, Plumbers, Electricians, Couriers
  • Your clients - from the improvement in customer experience in booking your service online, rather than having to call a number and negotiate for your time